Dear my Fake Personality

Dear fake one.. For how long are you going to take my place, my thoughts and my friends? – You make them happy with your fake talks, you make them feel special with your fake behavior. And they don’t even know, that you’re not me. – This mask of despair, the thoughts blanked and the […]

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Love and Religion..

And we were compatible, except for one thing that society cried out for. How could two people join two mentalities they questioned. Not knowing, we’re all the same. – Yeah I lost you. Not because of any fights but because of my birth pride. I was okay, but how can these people live or let […]

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A little twist in love.

Oh how much I miss you. Why do you have to leave so early? Why can’t you stay long enough to have me enough of you?. – Yes, I know my mom curse us when we’re together, but it won’t make any difference in our relationship. You were the most special for me then, and […]

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A perfect relationship?

We all want a partner who can understand us, know what we feel and think and to act the way that makes both happy. – We see couples in films and tv series and feel, i need someone like him/her. But just think about it, how easy it is to show something cute than something […]

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I’m not over you..

Yeah I couldn’t say it. I cannot tell you that I’m still stuck on you. That those rude words were just nastiness that came up due to the situation which i never meant. – Yeah we were great together. We felt as if we were meant for each other. And then something happened and this […]

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No.. I’m not coming..

Yes. I’m that friend who rejects almost every trip. It’s not because I don’t enjoy going out but in reality I enjoy sipping a cup of coffee with my favorite book, sitting in the balcony feeling the cool breeze. – Yeah going out is fun. But i feel more relaxed looking at the things that […]

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Men are dogs.. Are they?

Dear Girls, Just because you have met someone before who gave his lust more importance than your feelings does not mean every guy behaves that way. – Yes, there are boys who think of nothing other than sex with their girlfriend or with any girl they have their eye on. – But there are a […]

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I love you.. My Friend

Yes.. I feel something different. Something that I didn’t felt in my relationships too. There’s this small something between us that attracts me. – I’ve known you for many years now. I know you more than anybody else might know. But still you’ve marked a line, a line to separate love and friendship. – They […]

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Time for Relationship..

There’s a time when some people start losing interest in their partners. – The fights increase, love is rarely shown and few such things. It’s always a too much for them to be committed to a single person. – Then there are the others. Working all day, handling their own jobs and still doing their […]

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