When friendship hurts

It’s not just about supporting each other emotionally. Sometimes talking to you face to face makes me feel calm. – Sometimes, I don’t want you to text me asking if I’m alright. But i want you to punch me hard and ask me the problems. – Yes, our friendship is for us and not for […]

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Love vs Career

Relationships often affect our studies in many ways. Now it may lead to positive changes or negative ones. – Pursuing a good career to marry your other half, because, welcome to real life. Your parents would never want you to marry someone who has done absolutely nothing other than loving you. – Your other half […]

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Long Distance

Yeah it teaches you a hell lot of things maybe a simple relationship never could have. – The happiness that reflects on your face when you know your significant other half is coming soon. – Your face glows. The sadness vanishes like there was none. – You plan things. You already have many like a […]

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Send Nudes.

One day you fell for her. Not for her body but for her smile. The way she had a hair set up and those glossy lips with a face without make-up. You stood there trying to have a peek at her. It was the best thing you thought could happen to you. – It went […]

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Boys don’t cry

You are not allowed to cry. Because nobody will ask you why the tears, but you’ll surely be told to stop them. – A guy does not fear. Really? 1. Look at his face when his father is really late from work and his cellphone switched off. He’ll stay awake till his father arrives. 2. […]

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Sleep… Gone with the time and desire to succeed in life. This time that passes indefinitely never feels restless to me. – For all the struggle done in the day, the nights never calmed me down with its silence but it kept me away to let me work. – Insomniac you may call me. As […]

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Time isn’t always available

Time.. One of the reason I don’t have a girlfriend. It’s not about giving time.. But it’s fight about utilising the residual time. – Relationship requires time, attention and love. Nobody can deny this. Even if one of them is absent you might find the whole relationship ruined. – For a good relationship, One should […]

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Love ruined my Friendship

Love never felt more wrong. For a better relation, I had lost a close one. All for the reason, that i fell for her. – Now there was no way out. The words were out, the message read and feelings changed. My best friend had made a decision and my heart had too. – I […]

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Dear Future wife!

I don’t know if you will ever be my girlfriend or we will bump into each other or maybe my parents will find you or let’s just face it, you might turn out to be just another profile on a matrimony site. – I had been in relationships and true that even if I promised […]

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