Move on?

This is for all who are finding it hard to move on. – Let me just tell you, unless it was your fault for breaking up, you haven’t lost as much as your partner has. – You took time to spend with your so called other half, ever did it to work on yourself? – […]

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Love vs Infatuation

Yes, a very common question, about differentiating between love and infatuation. – If you still look at her the same way you did when you first saw her… – If you still crave for her smile rather than her body… – If you kiss her forehead more than her lips… – If you feel her […]

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Getting back to ex?

I believed we came together because of love. How would I know, you were only to get over your ex. – With all the conversations that we had, how would i know, they reminded you of your past, not a sign of our future. – I said I would support you. Yet every time you […]

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Yeah, I dated many people..

Did you judge anybody based on the numbers of relationships he/she has been in. I know you might have. Right? – Well.. It’s always better to know about a person before judging what were the reasons for a particular action that was taken. – Relationships are a tag of a love. They symbolize a commitment. […]

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Career vs Relationship..

Relationships often affect our studies in many ways. Now it may lead to positive changes or negative ones. – Pursuing a good career to marry your other half, because, welcome to real life. Your parents would never want you to marry someone who has done absolutely nothing other than loving you. – Your other half […]

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Long distance..

Yeah it teaches you a hell lot of things maybe a simple relationship never could have. – The happiness that reflects on your face when you know your significant other half is coming soon. – Your face glows. The sadness vanishes like there was none. – You plan things. You already have many like a […]

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Hi! My virtual Friend..

We all have one friend that we met online via a mistakenly sent friend request. – You used to wait for them to come online just so you can tell them about the guy who proposed you or the girl who kept staring at you. – And the best thing? Fantasy dates. Just imagining going […]

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