Getting back to ex?

I believed we came together because of love. How would I know, you were only to get over your ex. – With all the conversations that we had, how would i know, they reminded you of your past, not a sign of our future. – I said I would support you. Yet every time you […]

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Yeah, I dated many people..

Did you judge anybody based on the numbers of relationships he/she has been in. I know you might have. Right? – Well.. It’s always better to know about a person before judging what were the reasons for a particular action that was taken. – Relationships are a tag of a love. They symbolize a commitment. […]

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Career vs Relationship..

Relationships often affect our studies in many ways. Now it may lead to positive changes or negative ones. – Pursuing a good career to marry your other half, because, welcome to real life. Your parents would never want you to marry someone who has done absolutely nothing other than loving you. – Your other half […]

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Long distance..

Yeah it teaches you a hell lot of things maybe a simple relationship never could have. – The happiness that reflects on your face when you know your significant other half is coming soon. – Your face glows. The sadness vanishes like there was none. – You plan things. You already have many like a […]

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Hi! My virtual Friend..

We all have one friend that we met online via a mistakenly sent friend request. – You used to wait for them to come online just so you can tell them about the guy who proposed you or the girl who kept staring at you. – And the best thing? Fantasy dates. Just imagining going […]

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Men Don’t Cry

You are not allowed to cry. Because nobody will ask you why the tears, but you’ll surely be told to stop them. – A guy does not fear. Really? 1. Look at his face when his father is really late from work and his cellphone switched off. He’ll stay awake till his father arrives. 2. […]

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When your mom first held you after your birth and without knowing what’s happening, you still felt an affection, that’s trust. – When you went alone to buy your favorite chocolate and unknowingly gave more money and the shopkeeper returned them, that’s trust. – When you gave your favorite color box to your friend, that’s […]

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